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[sticky post] Welcome to Z-Yaku

Hey guys!

Welcome to Z-Yaku. A quickly named community account where I stick all of my translations pertaining to anything KAT-TUN related. I'm not a professional and I certainly can't say that my translations are 100% accurate., but they have been done to the best of my own ability.
I welcome corrections! I will be wrong a lot of the time I imagine so anyone who looks at the translation and reckons it could be worded better, feel free to tell me! The better the translation, the better it'll be for the fandom! Also I'd learn something too so it's a win-win.

I do not welcome flames though, constructive criticism but no telling me I suck. I have a glass heart (no I don't really, but coming onto a post and telling someone they suck without offering any constructive feedback is a dick move, please don't be that asshole)
Comments are more than welcome! Come say hi, even just an emoji can make my day (I'm very easy to impress and entertain, honestly, it doesn't take much to make me happy)

But yeah, thought I'd give this a go for my fellow fans who don't know Japanese but would like to know what these articles say. I pick articles depending on how interested I am in them so if there's anything you want me to translate, I welcome requests as well. I can't guarantee I'll do them but you know, if you really want to know what this thing says, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Also, this should go under the realm of 'Catastrophically Obvious' but please don't steal my translations and name them as your own. For one thing you'd look pretty stupid as my translations could very well be incorrect, for another that's just rude. I am, however very, VERY open to people re-translating things (i.e: from my translation into another language) I'm all for spreading this information to hyphens who speak neither English nor Japanese. Just let me know so I can link your translations to mine and make everything more accessible and easy.

It should be obvious but none of these works - neither gossip book, actual book or news articles, are mine and I do not claim them as such.

Love, Zara
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